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We sell products that will aid in the removal of shoe polish stains. Check out our "Bottled Chemicals & Spotters" by clicking here.

TIPS FOR REMOVING SHOE POLISH STAINS: Because shoe polishes vary in their ingredients it may be necessary to try more than one method in attempting to remove stains caused by them.

Try first the method described under Cosmetics. If the stain is not removed, try next sponging it with alcohol*. (Test for colorfastness. Dilute the alcohol with two parts of water.)

For stains not removed by alcohol, try sponging with cleaning fluid or turpentine*. If turpentine is used, sponge afterward with a warm detergent solution or alcohol to remove the turpentine.

If traces of stain still remain after these treatments, use a chlorine bleach, or hydrogen peroxide.
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*NOTE: Some products like hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, bleach, acetone, turpentine or alcohol can actually bleach or change the color in some fabrics. Read the WARNING notice below and proceed with caution.
 WARNING: Before making any attempts to remove spots, always test fabric for colorfastness first by applying a small amount of the cleaning solution or chemical on a hidden or unnoticeable area. The tips listed here are not guaranteed to work with every carpet or upholstered item. When using any chemical or liquid on fabric you should PROCEED WITH CAUTION. If you are unsure as to how your carpet or upholstery might be affected you should call a professional cleaning technician in your area.

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