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We sell products that are very effective in controlling odor and removing what causes odor; one is called "Alive" and another is called "Dissolve Away." We also sell one for yellowing, called "Tan-ex." Check out our "Bottled Chemicals & Spotters" by clicking here.

TIPS FOR CONTROLLING ODOR: Regular cleaning and stain treatment will release the locked in odors. The best cure for odor is a deodorizer. There are several different deodorizers available. Some that simply mask the smell with a stronger - hopefully more pleasant odor. There are those that will sanitize. Then there are the ones that use live bacterial enzymes to literally digest the bacteria causing the odor (this is best for odors caused by organic substance).

First, it must be determined what is causing the odor. Then it's important to find out if the source of the odor has soaked into the carpet backing, the pad, and possibly the flooring under the pad.

If it is just in the carpet fibers then a simple application of deodorizer should be used in the cleaning process. If the source of the odor has soaked into the backing or the pad. Somehow the deodorizer must come in direct contact with the source in order to neutralize it. One of these methods might solve the problem:

1) After determining the exact location of the effected area, inject the carpet with deodorizer using a syringe.

2) Remove the carpet and replace the pad.

3) Remove the carpet and the pad then scrub the sub flooring with deodorizer. Return to Spot Removal Guide
NOTE: Some products like hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, bleach or alcohol can actually bleach or change the color in some fabrics. Read the WARNING notice below and proceed with caution.
 WARNING: Before making any attempts to remove spots, always test fabric for colorfastness first by applying a small amount of the cleaning solution or chemical on a hidden or unnoticeable area. The tips listed here are not guaranteed to work with every carpet or upholstered item. When using any chemical or liquid on fabric you should PROCEED WITH CAUTION. If you are unsure as to how your carpet or upholstery might be affected you should call a professional cleaning technician in your area.
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Bacterial, Odor-Digester
"Alive" digests and liquefies organic waste, grease, & food by-products. Also, it eliminates odors caused by vomit, mildew, spoiled foods, pet odors, garbage, and other carpet odors. It is most effective when it comes in direct contact with whatever is causing the odor. Available in both 16 and 32 ounce sizes. (See price list)
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