We guarantee that each product will perform as is stated in the description of that product; however, if a product description says that it will reduce or remove a particular stain, that doesn't necessarily mean it will remove every stain. It means it will remove some stains in some situations, not all stains in all situations. It also means that it will reduce stains that it was made to reduce in most cases, but will not necessarily remove all stains in all cases.

There are too many factors and variables involved in the staining process to guarantee every spot will or can be removed with our products. Some of these variables include the content of the stain, the age of the stain, the concentration of the stain, the temperature of the product that caused the stain, the surface or fabric affected by the stain, and many others. In fact, some stains become permanent and therefore irreversible, and we cannot guarantee the removal of permanently stained surfaces. Bleached fabric is usually a permanent change.

The products we sell are made to remove or reduce specific spots and stains as is indicated by the various descriptions. However, none of them will work on every spot or stain every time.

We have had a lot of success with these products over the twenty-five years we have been cleaning carpets. These are some of the best spot removing chemicals available on the market. However, we have not had 100% success on every stain. We have not yet discovered, invented, or even heard of such a product. Such a product will cost a great deal more than the professional grade products we are selling.

We offer these products that professionals use to the average consumer. These products usually have a much greater rate of success than products available at the grocery, or hardware stores.

So if you are purchasing a particular product for one specific stain, there is a chance it won't remove that one particular stain. However, it will likely reduce or lighten that particular stain, and probably reduce or remove other similar stains as you encounter them in the future.

Our guarantee is limited up to the price of the product minus shipping only.